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The Ten Leopards

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"The Rich Camel"

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The Ten Leopards

Everyone knows that there is nothing a leopard loves more than his spots. But what happens when he sneezes them all off? Told in sweet, rhyming verse, this imaginative retelling of the healing of the ten lepers puts a fresh spin on a Bible favorite.

The Rich Camel

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Coming out on 11 April 2023.

Camelot is a Camel with quite a ‘flair for fashion,’ and he loves his fancy clothes. But when Jesus challenges him to give them up in order to follow him, can he do it? He loves Jesus and wants to go, but “who will I be without them?” he wonders. This fun and imaginative retelling of “The Rich Young Man” puts a fresh spin on the bible favorite.

Author Nina Harris

Nina Harris grew up in scenic Idaho, where she often explored the mountains and forests near her home. She began writing poems and stories when she was very young. She has often found inspiration in the wonders of nature She has had a few poems published and her first Children's Book, "The Ten Leopards," was published in 2019. This fun rhyming story is a retelling of the story of 'The Ten Lepers' from the bible---but with leopards!


With eight children of her own, Nina stays in tune with the fun and wonder of childhood. She loves spending time with her kids and also leads church youth activities.  Her creativity is a big help when it comes to kid's activities. She has done everything from teaching sewing and cooking classes to painting her son's bedroom to look like the ocean.


Nina and her family still live in Idaho.





As the Holidays approach I would like to share this poem about finding the true meaning of Christmas.


Christmas Day


'C' is for the Christ Child,

Who came to earth to dwell.

Gratitude for His love

Makes my heart to swell.


'H' is for the Hope He brings,

The Light in our dark days.

May we have the Faith 

To follow in his ways.


'R' is for Remembrance.

Let us not take for granted

The harvest that we reap

--Others have planted.


'I' is for the Immortal Christ

Who lives to guide us Home

Christmas is the road sign

That guides us to his throne.


'S' is for the Shepherds

Who were ready int he night,

To listen to an angel's voice

And follow a star's light


'T' is for Three Wise men

Who journeyed from afar.

Who knew the worth of following

A bright and distant star.


'M' is for the Miracles

That happen every day,

May we recognize God's hand

And in his keeping stay.


'A' is for the Angels

Who come in mortal guise,

Who through their lover and kindness

Bring light into our lives.


'S' is for the Savior

Who in the garden prayed

Who walked on to Calvary

And our Atonement made.


'D' is for Dependence

On Heavenly Father's gracious care.

May we always remember

That He is always there.


'A' is for the Answers

To each humble heartfelt prayer.

The Peace it brings to know

His ever constant care.


'Y' is for the year ahead,

Our chance to start again.

For a Sweeter, More Sacred Life

Let us now begin.


by Nina Harris


If you are interested in performing the twelve days of Christmas this season, this poem of 12 verses makes a good theme for the project. For each day pick a present and/or Christmas story to share. I used the following stories: 1- "The Christmas I Remember Best.;' 2- Expanation of the symbols of Christmas. 3- Poem "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening' by Robert Frost 4- "The Cobbler and His Guest" 5- "Someonme Missing at the Manger." 6- "The Other Wise Man." 7- "Christmas giving returned in Full" by Glenna Cottom Sanderson. 8- Pattern of Love" 9- Poem "Twas The Night before Our Savior Came" 10- Poem "Christmas Bells" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 11-"The Christmas Orange" 12-"The Man Who Missed Christmas." 


Merry Christmas